Partners by Design is a compact, responsive design team that provides Professional Interior Design services to corporate clients such as Manitoba Hydro, Qualico, and MTS. Our integrated approach to design involves the careful synthesis of client needs with context, budget and sustainable impact, providing functional solutions that are tailored to project-specific requirements. Detailed understanding of client needs through programming at the outset is key to our approach. The streamlined nature of our team allows for an expedient and personalized response to individual client requests.


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Qualico Head Office


Location: Sage Creek

Using extensive programming information collected through a long-standing designer-client relationship, Partners by Design was able to provide an interior that met both the client’s varied requirements, as well as, provided a statement of quality and design. 
Certified LEED® Silver in 2010.


Tuxedo Residence


Location: Tuxedo

The objective of this renovation project was to provide a creative design solution to reorganize the division of space in the client’s existing master bedroom and ensuite. By enlarging the ensuite, using the existing closet space, PxD was able to re-create a walk in closet, dividing the room using custom millwork. 


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